Intervention Ideas

By Matt Smith


Just been reading a great blog by Shaun Allison in which he highlights some really useful ways to intervene with struggling students. A few of them are highlighted below:

Move a student to the front. Aim to keep up a regular dialogue with them about their work. More regular feedback than for other students

More regular marking of work for an individual/group for a defined period of time linked to specific targets. Show me your book at the end of the lesson.

Give specific homework so that they can practise areas of weakness.

Targeted questioning – make sure underachieving students are questioned regularly in whole-class questioning.

Plan in regular DIRT, feedback and redrafting lessons. Use this time to work with individuals/small groups more closely.

Plan quick discussions with students/groups into your lessons – usually best when others are working quietly.

Arrange a short session with a student at break or after school to talk through a specific issue. Often appreciated by students and can take the pressure off whole-class teaching.

The full blog can be read here:

3 thoughts on “Intervention Ideas

  1. Another thing I have found can work is to encourage these students to keep practicing and improving on areas where they *can* do the work. This ensures they can get maximum credit for what they know and can do. It builds confidence and by increasing speed in answering exam questions generates time and mental space to do their best with questions they find more challenging.


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