QE TeachMeet on Feedback


We held our second TeachMeet of the term on Tuesday and a good turnout discussed Feedback. The research evidence suggests that Feedback done properly can have a significant impact on outcomes. Below is a list of some of the ideas discussed.

  • In Maths, there is increasingly use of worked answers for self-assessment. This allows meaningful feedback to take place without excessive marking workload for staff.
  • When giving back tests on knowledge do not give grades out until students have spent time discussing their mistakes and seeing where they went wrong.
  • When students hand in work, get them to predict their mark – nearest to correct gets prize (encourages metacognition).
  • When discussing marked work, prioritise common issues – list on board rather than write on the work. Students should be able to spot which of these common issues they face.
  • Photograph good and not so good pieces of work and share with the class. These can also be tweeted or added to QEOnline.
  • Give students an opportunity to improve work before handing it in – “Cheat moment”.
  • Be very explicit about which knowledge/skills are fundamental to passing the course “You need to be able to do this if you are not going to fail the course” – especially useful with low ability groups.
  • When marking extended essays etc, have codes for common feedback – Psych and MFL both do this.
  • After a class have done an essay give them a “recipe for success” sheet and get them to do the essay again. See more details on this here ( https://whatseemstowork.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/the-recipe-for-success/ ).
  • Feedback using post-it notes. Some student seem to respond well to a post-it note suggestion given to them during a lesson. Eg: “You need to learn the definitions” or “work on a specific diagram”.

Thank you to all the colleagues who attended the TeachMeet as I know we are all getting a bit tired after a long term.

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