Reducing Coasting in Group Work

This blog is full of practical suggestions to make group work much more effective.

Class Teaching

group workThe 15 minute forum tonight was led by Emma Mason, our Deputy Leader in Maths & Assessment Without Levels Leader.  Emma shared her thoughts and strategies about how we could make group work more effective. Group work is an interesting one.  In certain subjects like PE, it’s an essential part of the subject.  Likewise in aspects of other subjects, where students have to work together on practical tasks, such as science, working as a member of a group is important.  The issue comes when group work is introduced into other classroom based subjects, that don’t lend themselves naturally to group work – like maths.  If the activity is not planned well and there’s no thought given to why students have been asked to work in a group, the outcome often resembles the picture above – and learning is limited.   So for example, if you are using group work for students to ‘find out’ some new knowledge…

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