What seems to work in Law

By Zaheer Member


In Law we have seen a big improvement in our results and so I thought I would share some of the interventions we have done that have helped this improvement to happen.

1. Revision showcase sessions.  The link below explains more.


2. AS students completed mocks before the Christmas break and they were given results before they went away on their Christmas holidays. This allowed underperforming students to reflect over the break, and may be act upon their underperformance.

I analysed mock results during the Christmas break and identified underperformers, who were then summoned to a meeting  upon our return where they were told that they were under under close supervision and were encouraged to ‘pull their socks up’ so to speak.

3. I also looked at the timetables of underperformers, and if they were free during any of the 2 law plus sessions, law plus was added to their timetables, whereby they would have to attend on a mandatory basis.

4. We attempted a past exam question and went through the mark scheme for every topic that we covered in Law plus. This helped the students to revisit topic content, and also helped them to establish what examiners are likely to be looking for in exam responses for the specific topics. I also permitted students that weren’t on the register for law plus to attend, as long as there was enough space within the classroom.

5.  Emphasis on starting revision early – we produced a ‘how to revise document’ fairly early on, encouraging students to start revision as early as possible. The document can be viewed below.


I hope some of these ideas are helpful and that they can be used in other subjects.

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