What seems to work in Economics, Business and Accounts

By Matt Smith


In Economics, Business and Accounting we have seen a big improvement in our results and so here are a few thoughts on some of the  things that may have helped.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Through using a large variety of Teaching and Learning Strategies I feel we have created a culture in our lessons where students are keen and motivated to learn.

Flipped Learning and Feedback

We have further developed our use of Flipped Learning which has given us more lesson time for Regular Assessments and detailed individual Feedback.  We have also set a lot less past papers and essays for homework and instead done them under exam conditions.  We have also focussed on individual paragraphs and provided feedback on these rather than whole essays.  This last point has meant a lot less marking and more time for much better feedback.

Zero Tolerence and Early Intervention

We had a big focus on intervening early with both students who were not working at the level we would expect and those who were struggling. The latter group were linked up with Mentors and we had a comprehensive timetable of subject support that was available 25 blocks per week. We also benefitted from a particularly high number (compared to previous years) of reliable and keen second year mentors who AS students were happy to return to each week.

Independent Learning and Revision Skills

We have continued our big push on Independent Learning and spent quite a lot of lesson time working on the skills needed. We have also done a lot on ‘the best ways to Revise’ and supported this with regular Revision Showcases.

We have also supported this with QEOnline, our dedicated You Tube Channel and the use of Twitter in order to provide the resources and opportunities for Independent Learning.

Plus Groups

The extra time has really helped the weaker students while the more able students have benefited from working through the syllabus at a faster pace.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful and can be used in other subjects.




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