Think, Write, Talk

By Matt Smith


I came across this blog on Tutor2U and felt it is a nice activity to check student understanding at the end of a topic. How it works is explained below:

Think: Write: Talk is a whole class activity which involves every pupil. All you need is a set of mini-whiteboards and a marker pen!

The activity requires students to think, recall and predict key learning points and therefore ensures that key learning points are more likely to be remembered.

The teacher should split the class up into pairs and give each pair a mini-whiteboard each and a couple of dry-wipe pens.
Each pair needs to decide who is A and who is B
The teacher then shouts out a topic
Both students have 1 minute to think about the topic selected by the teacher
Student A then needs to write down between 5 and 10 key learning points about the topic in question
Student B then talks about this topic for 1 minute trying to ‘hit’ as many of the learning points on Students A’s mini-whiteboard
After 1 minute both students discuss which points were not hit
Whilst the activity is taking place the teacher can circulate the room and look at the key learning points that are being written down and discussed which makes this ideal for assessing student understanding.

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