October TeachMeet

By Matt Smith


Here are a few of the ideas that were discussed at the latest QE TeachMeet.

  1. It was felt that regular quick tests every week was having a positive impact on learning.  What students did following the test was almost more important than the test itself.    To this end some colleagues actually gave the same test to students a few days later in order to see if they had taken any action.  Others got students to work in groups to go through a test and expected them to annotate their work in a different colour to show they had responded to the feedback.
  2. Fronloaders ( blog here ) were being used by more and more departments as a way to start a topic or for revision of a topic.
  3. To reduce marking and to make the marking that is done more useful it was suggested that students should hand in single paragraphs instead of a full essay.  This way they could receive feedback on how to write a perfect paragraph and once they had mastered this they could then hand in a whole essay.
  4. Using technology to test students was also talked about.




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