Teaching Students to be Examiners

By Naz Jahangir


This is a task aimed at pushing A grade students to become A* students. The idea is to make the students the examiners – they need to think like an examiner and fully understand the mark scheme to be able to write answers at the highest level. The whole class do a timed question and I will look over the answers from the 6 students I have chosen. I will then meet with these students and train them to mark each others work and how to interpret the mark scheme, perhaps by using exemplar answers and the examiners report. They will then take away 2/3 students work and mark it. Back in the classroom they will give feedback to their group of students, obviously closely supervised. Hopefully this will allow the students to fully understand what they have to do to achieve an A grade.

I am going to try this with my A2 Business group. I have 6 students on a B grade and they are more likely to go down to a C rather than push up to an A grade. We struggle to achieve the higher grades in Business and this may be one way of doing it. Also, less marking for the teacher which has to be a good thing.

I will let you know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Teaching Students to be Examiners

  1. Hi, this is a really useful form of peer assessment. Another way of doing this might be to give them a B grade answer and an A* answer and ask them to annotate the difference. Basically give feedback that helps the B grade move higher. Sometimes I get students to answer a question. Peer mark a dummy snswer I have produced which demonstrates all the pitfalls students make, and then rewrite their answer.
    I always find students are much more critical of ‘someone else’s work’ than they are of their own!


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