Have I asked everyone a question? Laminated seating plans

By Peter Ellis


We should all be asking every student at least one question every lesson, never missing anyone out. If you have a brilliant photographic memory for every student’s face and name, and excellent short-term recall, this is no problem at all, even right at the beginning of the year. The rest of us sometimes struggle! Here is a trick.

Very early in the year, make a seating plan and stick the students’ photographs on. I do this electronically, you could just as easily (maybe more so) physically cut up and stick the students’ photos, then photocopy. Keep it in a clear plastic wallet or get it laminated, and bring it with you every lesson. When a student has answered a question, tick the sheet with a board marker. Wipe it clean at the end. Job done!

Note: I also code in pastel colours the most and least able students, based on their MEGs. This gives a quick prompt for the level of questioning appropriate.


One thought on “Have I asked everyone a question? Laminated seating plans

  1. Not that this is the main reason for doing this of course, but a copy of the seating plan with MEGs and SEN notation on it would likely impress a visiting inspector…


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