TeachMeet on Assessment

By Matt Smith

imageOur latest TeachMeet saw 22 teachers from a wide range of subject areas discuss assessment.  Some of the ideas presented are outlined below.

• Psychology staff talked about quick-fire tests, which could be answered on phones or on paper. Peer-assessed or sometimes teacher-assessed. No notice given. There was a cultural expectation that these tests would happen. Some teachers used post-it notes for quick answers.
• Some staff regularly did 10 mark mini-tests with a league table for results. Suggestion that league position should be based on improvement rather than raw marks.
• Maths do 5-a-day questions for Core 1
• Sociology assess students’ planning, as do Business (peer assessed)
• Quiz competition with FA-cup structure
• Several subjects, including History, do “3 answers – what is the question?”
• In Physics, no-notice test on drawing diagrams. Give students plain paper to do it. 2 minutes, then self-assess using notes.
• Economics – project an image, ask what economic theory is being referred to.
• Students annotate marked tests in another colour, then acts as revision resource
• Students have to check out, cannot leave the room until they have demonstrated learning
• Student asks a question to another student
• Some discussion of use of mark schemes
• Students given a flawed answer, asked to improve it
• Accounting uses a lot of peer assessment, feeling that it works well here
• Economics – use of Padlet
Next TeachMeet Tuesday 3rd May

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