TeachMeet on Plenaries

By Matt Smith



Here is a brief summary from our recent TeachMeet on Plenaries.

We initially discussed why we should do Plenaries:

  • Help us to assess learning from the lesson.
  • Help students to understand what the most important point of the lesson was and not just the most recent point.
  • Acts as a link to the next lesson and gives a guide as to what students need to do to consolidate their learning for the next lesson.
  • An opportunity to share work done in the lesson.
  • Provides an opportunity for student self assessment.
  • Plenaries do not have to always be at the end of a lesson as they could well be appropriate anytime during a lesson.

Ideas for Plenaries:

  • Students write their own plenary.  Allow a couple of minutes for this and then share their summaries.
  • Sum up the key points from the lesson in 140 characters – Twitter style.
  • Use Post It Notes to sum up the lesson. These can be taken in and so help teacher planning.
  • Students come up with a question from the lesson.
  • Students commit to one thing they are going to do for next lesson.
  • Students write a question on a Post It Note and then these are given out to students as they leave. Answers by next lesson.
  • Use of Kahoot to ask some quick questions.  Gives the teacher instant feedback.  More here
  • The Plenary Producer is a PowerPoint with lots of ideas.  It can be downloaded from here

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