Starting a lesson effectively

This is a useful article based on how to start a lesson effectively. The article highlights the benefits of asking pre-questions, playing memory games, and creating a sense of purpose, whilst also elucidating that a teacher doesn’t necessarily have to start off with ‘learning outcomes,’ which is what teachers may believe Ofsted requires. This is an excerpt from the article relating to the benefits of asking pre-questions at the beginning of lessons.

A recent study found that students who had been asked pre-questions were later able to recall almost 50% more than their peers who had not. This is thought to be because this method draws in the attention of the learner and creates a sense of intrigue.”

Whilst I appreciate that posing useful pre-questions maybe a difficult skill to master initially, the study indicates an immense benefit in terms of student recall ultimately.

Should you wish to read the full article, I have included the link below.

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