‘Job Interview’ technique

Job picture

The ‘job interview technique’ can be used as a good assessment tool within a wide range of subject areas. This idea was kindly shared by Phil Hensman, and is well worth exploring.

job title

Teacher Instructions to interviewers:

  • Initially welcome the candidate into the room and make some brief small talk.

Job interview is based on whichever topic area you want to use it for within your subject area.

If you have 24 students in your group, you could do the following:

  • 12 interviewers working in 6 pairs
  • 12 candidates
  • Interviewers (2 students) interview one applicant (student) at a time.

Before interview

  • Each pair of interviewers is given about ten minutes to look through the proposed questions or decide the questions themselves and consider acceptable answers that may come from the candidates.


  • Each pair of interviewers interview individually both candidates (students).
  • Whilst one candidate was interviewed the other was instructed to wait outside the room.
  • Interviewers made brief notes about the candidates’ responses. (Interviewers are told that they mustn’t write anything that they wouldn’t want the applicant to read – employability).


  • Each interviewer team announced their decision with a brief justification. Provide applicants (students) with feedback as to performance.
  • Interviewers are assessing applicant learning through questioning during interview.

Benefits of using this technique:

žMinimal planning

All of the students are engaged and love it.

žInstant feedback as to whether they have understood topic.

žGood end of topic test which can be followed by a formal assessment.

žEmployability skills – Student has to be presentable and complete formalities, etc.

žEquality and diversity – interviewers have to ensure that in terms of questioning, they are respecting and complying with equality and diversity requirements.

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