‘Magic Whiteboard Sheets’


In the past I have used ‘Magic Erasable Whiteboard’ sheets in the following way:

  1. I set a past exam question
  2. I break the question down into separate sub categories
  3. I split the students into groups of four or five and give each group a sub category to work on, asking them to make as many points as possible.
  4. Once the group have made as many points as they can do on their sub category, they move onto another sub category and see if they can add anything to it.
  5. All of the groups work their way around the separate sub categories.
  6. Ultimately, they end up back to where they started and complete a presentation for the rest of the class based on their sub category.

Benefits of using the Magic Erasable Whiteboards.

  • Students absolutely love using the Magic Whiteboards.
  • Fantastic revision tool allowing students to take pictures using their smart phones once they complete the question.
  • Allows you to create a whiteboard anywhere, in seconds.
  • Combining the best features of whiteboards and flipcharts, the sheets of Magic Whiteboard stick, using static, to most hard flat surfaces, including walls, glass and wood. You do not need to use tac or tape as this plain white, portable whiteboard leaves no marks on walls.
  • You can reuse the sheets by using wipes, etc.

Should you wish to see what the ‘Magic Whiteboard Sheets’ look like, please feel free to come and see me, as I have just recently ordered some.

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