I came across a useful article on the VESPA Mindset twitter feed entitled “Strategies for teaching metacognition in classrooms.” Metacognition is thinking about thinking and can be used to improve student learning. The following is quoted from the article “Recent shifts in pedagogy have emphasised the importance of encouraging students to figure out how to be independent, self-regulated learners. The teacher cannot be there to hold their hand beyond school. This demands that students reflect on their learning in meaningful ways. It also requires students to be critical analysts of their own thinking in order to overcome complex or unexpected problems.”

The concept of ‘metacognition’ can be linked to an in house research project completed by the Teaching and Learning team in May 2016. Research was conducted into teacher attributes and behaviours leading to effective learning at WQE. One of the questions that was posed to the eight teachers selected was the following:

“Are you aware of metacognition and do you value this?”

Six out of the eight teachers were very aware of this and all thought that it is very important. The following are quotes from some of the teachers. “I talk a lot about what sort of things and habits will actually help.” “We are trying to create independent learners.” The teachers also provided some examples of techniques they use:

Revision showcases, giving two different ways of looking at something, flow charts, post-it notes. More techniques are highlighted in the article, for example, “Exit Tickets.”

Should you wish to read the full article, I have included the link below.


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