I came across a useful video clip on the ‘Teach like a Champion’ blog. The clip is entitled ‘A Masterful No Opt Out by Denarius Frazier.’ It is a recording of a teacher using the ‘No Opt Out’ questioning technique very effectively. It might be an idea for teachers to try and use this technique as a form of ‘deliberate practice’ within lessons. Continue reading

Features of a lesson as we approach exams

By Matt Smith


As exams approach what teachers do in lessons can clearly have a major impact on results. By now we will all know exactly how everyone of our students are doing. Some will have worked hard from the very first day of the course and are in total control of their learning. However, others will have only just woken up to the reality that exams are around the corner. This means that each student will have very different needs and so lessons need to take this into account. Below are a few features of a lesson as we approach exam time. Continue reading