The Recipe for Success

By Suzanne Burdett

This is a way that I find helps my students to score well in their essays.

I set them a normal essay such as the one below.


After they have had their homework back with a lower mark than they would like I give them the “the recipe for success” Continue reading

How to get Students to Test each other

By Matt Smith


I use this exercise (I think I got this idea from Kerry in English so a big hat tip to her) as a way of students testing themselves. Not only does it provide instant feedback to students but it also gives feedback to you and requires minimal preparation on your part.

Simply take 25 (or the number in your class) slips of paper and on each one write a short question about a certain topic. Hand a slip to each student and ask them to ensure they have the perfect answer. Then each student takes a sheet of paper and writes the numbers 1 to 25 on them.

Give your students about 30 minutes to go around the class and ask their question to each student. If a student does not know the answer then they should make a note on their sheet. Once this is done then ask the class if there were any questions that were answered badly and tell the students that any ones they got wrong they should revisit for the next lesson.

I have found that it really engages students and makes them focus on what they do not understand. It also provides immediate feedback to common problems that may inform your teaching.

A final tip is to differentiate by giving the trickier questions to the more able students.