Volunteer Mentors

By Matt Smith


We have just introduced a new mentoring system in the Economics, Business and Accounting Curriculum Area.  In the past we have allocated A2 mentors to  individual AS students who then work together for an hour a week. However we have found that we were not reaching enough students and so have set up a new system.

The new system involves A2 volunteers covering a support block each week and simply helping any students who want to drop in.   Continue reading

Peer Mentoring – Proven to be effective


Blogged by Matt Smith

At our recent TeachMeet at QE we discussed Intervention strategies that we felt worked. One intervention that kept coming up was “the use of A2 students to support and mentor AS students.  Sometimes this was formally through a Mentoring enrichment but often it was was done much more informally with lunchtime sessions with AS students or students helping out in AS classes.

There is quite a lot of research evidence that using peer mentoring is one of the most effective and cost effective methods of intervention. The link below gives a lot more detail on some of these findings.

The Evidence