Show us that you care

By Matt Smith


Our recent Student Voice research that we carried out with over 800 AS students found out that these students felt the most important thing that teachers do to help their learning was

Personality – enthusiasm, approachability, humour, positive relationship and motivational.

With this in mind it was very interesting to read this recent article in The Guardian that seems to support our findings.

What do you think?

Online Learning Tools- Quizzes

By Kevin Dajee

Psychology Teacher & Teaching and Learning Champion

(@QEPsychology) (@TandLatQE)

There is a vast array of online learning and game-based learning tools 16395-technology-in-the-classroom-web-2-0-resourcesthat are freely available and which teachers can use to encourage engagement, participation and a sense of fun into the classroom- using these tools together with a smartphone, Continue reading

Motivation – Dialogue with a Future Self

By Paul Joseph


I recently read The Marshmallow Test, documenting Walter Mischel’s famous Psychology experiments about delayed gratification and the subsequent related research in this area. Apparently, this research suggests that a very effective method for adopting a more self-disciplined approach to decision making is to engage in thought experiments involving dialogue with your future self. Feeling that the time was right to promote a more motivated exam focus for my own students (during MEG reviews), I thought I would try and apply this technique as a lesson activity (Philosophy students are very used to thought experiments in any case!). The activity received Continue reading