VESPA – revision tip

reviseThe following is a short quote that I came across on the VESPA mindset twitter feed which I retweeted to share with my students;

“The more deeply you process information, the more likely you are to remember it,” Amanda Barnier, professor of cognitive science at Macquarie University, told BuzzFeed. Continue reading

Speed – Dating – Perfect for Revision

By Matt Smith


Yesterday I came across this great activity for Revision.  I have already used it with 2 classes and they both loved it.  I tweeked it a little by adding bonus points if students mentioned certain things in their writing.  Well worth giving it a go.

Kahoot: An Online Game-based Learning Tool

By Kevin Dajee

Psychology Teacher & Teaching and Learning Champion

(@QEPsychology) (@TandLatQE)

Kahoot is an online learning game-based tool, which consists of multiple choice questions in the format of a quiz, discussion or survey. It is projected at the front of the classroom, and played by the whole class together in real-time (with students answering on their own personal device). It is a useful tool to incorporate in any session where BYOD is a feature of your teaching session. If you are looking for a simple online learning tool to brighten and engage your classroom Kahoot is the answer for you!Project & Play Continue reading